Top 20 Ways to Quickly Make Money Online

If my friend Richard can make money online, then pretty much anyone can. Let me tell you a little about Richard. Actually, let me share with you an email Richard sent me not long ago.


As you know, my wife is back in school and our son is just starting college. You should see how much the books alone cost! College is way more expensive than it was when we were at that age. I’ve been working as an analyst for my current company for eleven years. The job is stable but I’m just not getting paid enough to meet the demands that are filling up my life right now.

I have been reading your blog and looking into the products and methods. There is so much information out there that I am feeling like I’m in info-overload. I don’t know where to start. I’m not a computer genius but I’m not a moron either. I think I can make money online if I can just find that one thing that will work for me. Can you help me getting started in the right direction?

I don’t expect to start making as much money as you do (but that would be nice!). I just really want to make a few bucks on the side to help me and my wife out and maybe have a little fun too.


My man Rich is on the right track. He has the mindset of positivity and I think he will have success. His views are realistic too, so I know he is serious. And you have to take your online work serious to be successful. You can make it fun too. It’s all in your approach. Remember: The destination is the journey.

I have had some bad experienced in my online career buying into systems and software that were outdated, complicated or simply bullshit. It can happen to anyone. The only thing you can do when this happens is minimize your loss and move forward – learning from any mistakes you made.

I am making this list of quick start make money online methods. Most of these are the same ones I sent to Richard via email. I fleshed out this list to 20 ideas for this blog post. And now, the list:

Write Articles

I know one very successful online marketer who got his start writing articles for other marketers for a few bucks a pop. The beauty of this method is that you get a first hand look at what kind of content successful bloggers and marketers are in search of. Don’t know what marketing niche to get into? Hire yourself out as a write and the ideas will start pouring in. There are many article writing marketplaces out there. One of the best is a place called TextBroker.

Professional Writing

This is an off-shoot of article-writing. Professional writing should be reserved for those who have a specific set of skills or knowledge. Anyone can be an article writer, but an expert or professional can write authoritative content that high-paying magazines and other publications would pay for. You can write about anything from how to change your oil the right way to in-depth political analysis of a recent election or debate. is a good place where pro writers can post work and find work.

Audio Transcription

This is an easy job for someone who doesn’t mind typing a lot. Doctors have been hiring transcription services for a long time. Think about how busy some doctors offices are. Many doctors will record their voice into a device for letters that need written and reports that need filed. The audio is transcribed by someone like you by listening to the audio and carefully typing out the content. It saves the doctor time and you can make money handling this task. Find transcription opportunities on oDesk or eLance or post your services today.

Virtual Assistant

An assistant is someone who works closely with another person whose agenda required detailed help with a sizable workload. A virtual assistant is basically the same thing but with the Internet in between them. People hire virtual assistants all the time without having ever met them in person. You can learn to be a versatile virtual assistant and find work at AssistU. Once you find your first gig as a virtual assistant, you can claim the experience of the specific work you did. Then, you can remarket yourself as an expert in that area. Expand your VA business by bringing together new VA’s and business owners for a high-profit operation.


eBay is still a monster gold mine. Think about it. Everyone know what eBay is. If they don’t, they probably have never spent a dime online which is fine, you don’t want them as a customer anyway. If you’ve never sold anything on eBay before, i would suggest digging through your storage to find something of value that you could part with. Flea markets and antiques consignment shops are highly profitable. If you can develop a system of collecting valuable, vintage items from auctions, rummage sales, then you have all the eBay inventory you need. For a more stylish approach to sell hip, used goods online, try building an Etsy store.


What is one thing that you know how to do better than anyone else you know? Is is baking cupcakes? Is it building a PC from parts? Maybe your unique skill is writing an effective resume or how to get the greenest, lushest lawn in your neighborhood. There are websites out there that will pay you to write a good “How to…” article on almost any subject. They way you make money online with this type of work is that as your article gains in popularity, the main website will split the ad revenue they generate with you over time. You write the article once and get paid month after month. If you can crank out one article a day for a few weeks, soon you’ll have a steady dependable income from your instruction articles. Visit eHow to get started doing this.

Video Reviews

Are you afraid of making a video of yourself speaking into a webcam? Do you have a good speaking voice? Are you good at Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote? These days it is extremely easy to make and upload a video to YouTube and immediately get the attention of millions of potential viewers and customers. All you need is the right product to review in your video that has an affiliate program so you can make money on sales. You can place your affiliate link in the description of the video and kindly ask your viewers to take action and click the link to learn more about, or buy the product in your review. So many more people love watching videos more than reading so this is a great way to get more people engaged in your business.

Targeted eBooks

I know people who don’t consider themselves authors that have written short, 12 to 15 page e-books that sell for anywhere from $40 to $100. The trick for selling such a small book for a high price is to find people who are desperate for a quality answer to a difficult question or dilemma. They can be a challenge to find a niche like this but when you do the result is an extremely happy customer who is going to remember your book when one of their friends finds themselves in a similar situation. When was the last time you were faced with a very difficult decision or situation? How much would you have paid someone who knew the answer to a very specific medical, financial or legal matter? There are gold mines in e-books that pay over and over again for a product you make once.

Niche Websites

I have experience building small niche websites. At first, setting up the website used to take a long time. But now I can crank out a niche website to make money online in an hour or two. It’s not that difficult. Here’s an example of a niche website that can make money for you: create a few simple videos showing how to do something as easy as using software to watch videos online. Post your instructional video to YouTube or some other video site. Set up a blog and use your videos in your articles. Then use the website to promote any type of software that lets you watch TV online. Usually this kind of software comes with an affiliate program so you can make money on the visitors to your site. Later, you could build your own software or hire someone to do it to maximize your profit margins.

Local Small Businesses Consultation

Running a small business the local area can be difficult. Most small business owners need a website but they usually have no idea how to create one or how to make it Google friendly. Usually they know a little about Facebook and twitter but don’t know how to leverage social media to increase their business. Most of them wouldn’t know where to start to set up an e-mail list newsletter. Lucky for us as Internet marketers, we know how to do these things. Or better yet we know where to find people or services you can build these things. This knowledge is extremely valuable to a small local business owner. You might be surprised how much a motivated bricks and mortar entrepreneur would be to hire an informed person like yourself to help them get a website, get their social media marketing in order or set up an e-mail list to help them engage in find new customers.

Win Design Contests

This idea goes out to all of my Photoshop experts out there. One of the newest trends in the design world our website marketplaces like 99Designs where you can bid on logo and design jobs by creating a design and submitting it for consideration. A design customer will select the best design an award that designer with cash for the project. These are not tiny little $5 or $10 jobs. There is a lot of money changing hands every day on the 99Designs website. If you have a good portfolio there are dozens of other sites where you could post samples of your work and the jobs will start coming fast and furious. Eventually you’ll make enough money that you will turn down the jobs you don’t want and focus on the ones that pay the best.

Stock Photos

The most popular place to buy and sell photos online is iStockPhoto. Anyone with a camera or a smartphone can manage to take interesting pictures. You can make money with all the photos sitting in your pocket right now. Business that deal with any sort of publishing need access to original photos all the time. It’s a lot cheaper for them to use iStockPhoto and buy what they need as opposed to hiring a full-time photographer to go out and shoot pictures. You can upload a massive library of photos that people can buy and use over and over and over again. That picture of a plate of spaghetti from two years ago could be making you money every day by restaurant and food bloggers who will pay you to license it.

WordPress Expertise

I know a lot of Internet marketers who have a pretty good handle on using WordPress to build blogs and websites. A lot of these folks are really good at setting up sites but maybe not so good at monetizing them. And that’s okay. What I always suggest to them is that they might not realize how valuable their skills are to others who have no idea how to use Word press in any advanced capacity. I know techies who charge a simple $5 fee to upgrade word press plug-ins. This seems like a bit of a scam but a lot of times it takes a little bit of skill to make an upgrade go smoothly in which case I am happy to pay $5 to someone who knows what they’re doing. You can make full-time money helping others to use WordPress.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

You can make extra cash pretty easy with The Mechanical Turk from Amazon. Its basically a marketplace for small online tasks that need done. The more mini-tasks you complete, the more money you make. Most if the work is brain-dead simple. Depending on your personality, you might get bored, or you might get into a groove of easy, steady work that you can do on your schedule. You’re not going to get rich here, but it’s good experience. You might just gain insight on how others are using Mechanical Turk to their advantage for big business gains down the road.

Software Instruction

Are you good at using Photoshop? Do you have a nominal background in accounting using QuickBooks? Have you ever set up a e-mail list in AWeber or Getresponse? You can sell these skills. Chances are if you are any good at doing basic accounting in QuickBooks, that means you spent the time in school or on your own to learn the software. I guarantee you there are people out there who need basic accounting done, or want to learn how to do graphics in Photoshop. But they don’t have is a lot of time to learn or read books on the subject not knowing if they’ll be able to learn the subject. What they really need is someone who knows what they’re doing to teach them specifically how to get done what they need. This is where you come in. Perhaps you’re an expert in iMovie. Or maybe you know everything there is to know about managing an android phone.

Interview Compelling People & Sell Access to the Interview

This next idea can be a huge moneymaker. I once sold access to one interview and made $1000 for a 20 min. video discussion with an expert. Here’s how this works. Make a list of all the experts in a particular field that you can find. Contact each person in a friendly professional manner, very simply asked them if they wouldn’t mind doing the video interview with you. Once you have a collection of interviews with top experts in a particular field, then you are in an amazing position to set up a membership website where users pay a monthly fee of $5, $10 or maybe $25 a month to gain access to the detailed insights revealed by the experts in your interviews. Membership sites like these are very popular right now.

Audio Editing And Engineering

A lot of my friends that I grew up with our musicians. Some can play guitar, some saying that all of them at one point or another learned how to do recording to a computer. Any one of them could use their recording skills to edit, and enhance some of the really bad audio you find on the Internet. Marketers understand the power of good interviews or podcasts or how a well narrated video can help them make money online. With marketers usually don’t know how to do is create a good sounding recording of their voice explaining a procedure or conducting an interview. If you know how to use any of the popular audio editing software packages on the Internet than this could be your key to making money online doing something you’re already good at.

Be a Freelance Techie

Are you good at setting up computers? When people in your family get a new smart phone, are you the one they come to with questions? If so, you should consider being a freelance tech geek for higher. I know a guy in his 50s who used to run a successful furniture store. He has since sold his store and retired. But because he’s very outgoing and friendly and likes to help people, now he runs a business where he helps people set up computers, install software, troubleshoot problems, help with printers, iPods, phones and other peripherals. Today, everyone is surrounded by technology, and most people are intimidated by it. There is great value in being able to come to someone’s home or office and help them overcome their technology hurdles.

Custom Twitter and Facebook Designs

People love using twitter. To some it may seem like a trend but you can’t argue with how popular twitter and Facebook have become. Do you remember when MySpace was the most popular website on the Internet? One of the things that allowed MySpace to become so popular was the ability to customize your own MySpace page to your own unique tastes. Hundreds of marketers made a fortune teaching and creating ways for people to add custom designs to their MySpace pages. On twitter, there are interesting ways to set up a custom profile picture or background image. For Facebook, I have seen very cool cover photos and profile pictures that are all the rage. The business angle here would be to either teach people how to take their own photos & turn them into interesting social media designs, or create graphics, photos and layouts can sell them or give them away with advertising on your own website.

Social Media Services

Are you familiar with the website Digg? How about Reddit? One of the things that would help any new website for small business is to have social bookmarking presents. Social bookmarking would also work on Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn. Here’s how this works. So you have a friend who has a business and website. The website is not getting a lot of traffic. Probably the simplest way to increase traffic to your friend’s website would be to start social bookmarking the site on places like Reddit or StubleUpon. There are literally hundreds of social bookmarking sites that will accept your bookmarks for free. Maybe you know someone who’s running the blog but doesn’t have the time to do proper bookmarking. This work can be tedious, but the way to make this profitable for you is to use a product like BookmarkingDemon, that will allow you as a bookmarking service provider to handle peoples posting jobs quickly, efficiently and most of all, profitably!

Well there you have it. It is my hope that with this list you have found at least 2 or 3 make money online ideas that you could get excited about. Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed reading this list. If there’s anything you’d like me to elaborate on more, let me know.

I hope to hear from some of you again, after you’ve made some money using one of the techniques above.

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